Live music ...

No matter your favourite is Classical music, Jazz, Fusion or Pop music, our professional musicians will enrich your special day with high standard live music performance.

We provide music for various events:

  • Wedding Ceremony (Church, Hotel or Outdoor)
    [We'll provide free consultation of wedding ceremony rundown and music arrangment for clients]
  • Wedding Reception and Banquet
  • Private Party, Different Kind of Ceremony
  • Conference, Gala Night etc.
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Jazz Band (or Pop Band):
  • Piano Solo
  • Jazz Duo: Piano, Saxophone or Flute
  • Jazz Trio: Piano, Bass or Drums,  Saxophone or Flute
  • Jazz Quartet: Piano, Bass, Drums,  Saxophone or Flute
  • Others: Male or Female Singers

Classical Ensemble
  • Church Organ
  • Piano Solo
  • Duo: Violin, Cello, Trumpet, Flute, Vocal etc
  • Trio: String Trio, Brass Trio and Piano etc
  • Quartet: String Quartet and Piano
  • Others: Male or Female Vocalists, Harp, Guitar etc.

[Watch Samples of Our Performances]
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